Our History

Inspire was founded in 2019 by a group of hospice professionals with a strong desire to deliver the best hospice care in the Kansas City area. Inspire was forged with an enduring vision, exacting mission and a firm foundation of values, which place our patients at the center of our care. Our program has not been handed down to us through a long line of corporate executives, rather we are an organization built on relationships that share a common vision and mission. We share the same story, and more importantly, share the same values. We each have a longstanding connection and calling to end of life care. Each of us has a deep conviction and compassion for serving the dying and the bereaved. Because of our beliefs in these shared values, we have worked together in a truly collaborative effort to build a unique hospice program. It is our combined knowledge, skill, and shared values, that sets us apart and raises the bar of excellence in end of life care.

Our Mission

Our team of skilled physicians, nurses, aides, social workers, chaplains, volunteers and administrative staff are able to provide holistic support to you wherever you are on your journey. Our approach to hospice care is individualized, placing our patients and families at the center of our care. We are inspired by you!

Our Vision

We aspire to be the premier hospice provider in the Kansas City area. Our goal is to raise the expectation of hospice service by redefining excellence in compassionate care, providing a peaceful end-of-life experience for our patients and families.

Our Values

For many, finding the need for hospice has occurred at one of the most tumultuous times in their lives. We wish to inspire a confidence that allows our patients and families to rest in the assurance of our care. While we are experts in the field with an extensive knowledge and background in end of life care, we are not just a team of experts. We are experts with heart, which places our patients and families at the center of all we do. Our care rises above the ordinary, because we are inspired by those we serve. Your story becomes our story. Your values become our values. 

In this spirit of care, we offer true compassion and a full presence with our patients and families on their journey, that builds trust, inspires hope, and brings peace through the process of death and dying as well as grief and loss. 


Trust is an essential component of all we do. The relationships we have formed with one another and with our patients and families are developed through a bond of trust. Being trusting and trusted is critical to all we do.


Trust grows out of compassion: a willingness to connect with our patients and families, to meet them and care for them right where they are. It is to have an open heart and mind toward ourselves and others, to approach each of those we encounter and serve with non-judgement. As professionals, our hope is to not only exhibit compassion, but to cultivate it each day in a way that develops into the center of our culture.


True presence grows out of trust and compassion. Presence means we are present in our lives to our family, friends and colleagues. It means we wish to engage life right here, right now, and live it to the fullest. And by being present, we are able to give our patients and families our full attention, to give truly compassionate care. It is this ministry of presence that brings peace, allowing those we serve to live each day to the fullest and rest in the here and now.


Peace is essential to serving in end of life care. We each aspire to cultivate peace in a way that allows it to overflow into our personal and professional lives, allowing us to deliver care that creates hope for all involved.


Hope is an essential aspect of what it means to be human, of what it means to live and die with purpose. Hope helps us see life as a journey, and not an end. Hope means to look forward, to see the best in each of us, and to live life with gratitude.