Outreach for Community Partners

As a hospice provider, our goal is to offer the best in end-of-life care. To be the best in end-of-life care means building relationships within our community that support individuals, organizations, churches and their ministries. Here are a few ways that we may support your organization or church.


Educational Presentations

As hospice providers we offer free educational opportunities/presentations to the community. These presentations cover a variety of topics from Hospice 101, Advanced Directives, and even soft skills that are critical for ministry such as Active Listening and Empathy.


Bereavement Support

In any community, loss is a matter with which we can relate and speak to. As professionals dealing with grief and loss, we are able to offer support to anyone in need in our community. Presentations about grief, coping, spirituality and loss are available. We offer support groups as needed or can serve as a resource/consultant to help set up supportive ministries for grief and loss.


Volunteer Opportunities

Hospice is a ministry which many people feel called to. We offer occasions for members of your community to use their gifts and skills to become trained hospice volunteers. For the right candidates, the benefits of becoming a volunteer for hospice are substantial and the impact you can make on someone’s life is extraordinary.


In sum, there are many opportunities we would like to offer you to partner in our community. We would love to meet with you to discuss these prospects further. Please reach out to us by phone or email. We are happy to answer any questions, and look forward to hearing from you